5E Dungeons and Dragons

5E Dungeons and Modules are our primary focus.

MAPS: A Reference (August 2018)

TMR1: On Ouisconsin!

TMR2: The Mineral Point Vampire

TRG1: In the Dungeon of the Wizard Lord Keraptis, TRG2: In the Lair of the Wizard Lord Keraptis
& TRG3: The Tomb of Keraptis

TGK1: Assault on Theramour's Keep

TMR3: Paulding Lights (forthcoming - Fall 2018)

TMR4: Descent into Nonesuch Mines (forthcoming - Spring 2019)


TGK2: The Legend of Theramour (forthcoming - Spring 2019)

TGK3: The Caves of Thereamour (forthcoming - Spring 2019)

Other Publications