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Our Approach

Our team has decades of playing experience, dating back to 1980. We are passionate about extemporaneous play that provides guidelines and suggestions for Game Masters (GM).

Our Story

We started in 2018 almost on a whim. Founder Tim Krause discovered a module he wrote in 1985 or so, and wanted to print it. As an active genealogist, historian and explorer, he recently completed On Ouisconsin! based on mythical monsters and locations in the sate of Wisconsin.

About Us

We're passionate about anything related to gaming, but Dungeons and Dragons is a favorite.

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Tim Krause

Founder & Lead Writer Author Page

Tim Krause started playing D&D in 1980, and loves the adventures and campaigns where Game Masters (GM) and players can shoot from the hip, and do unexpected things.

TRG strives to publish those modules, but also supports a variety of other creative efforts as well.

Christina Streiff

is responsible for editing and layout. She has years of experience writing compelling content for a variety of clients over the past five years.

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